Server Information



Server Features

    Blizzlike concept, improved gameplay

    Integrated Anti-Cheat System

    Increased drop rates

    Increased experience gain

    Widescreen resolution support

    Maphack and multiboxing allowed

    Full mercenary equipment available

    Increased cube, stash and inventory size

    Stash gold limit has been significantly increased

    Ability to downgrade or break down runes into two lower ones

    Ability to socket items indefinetly after completing larzuk quest

    Several items have been modified to provide a better game balance

    Charm inventory, use charms without sacrificing inventory space

    Ability to farm cows using same character even after killing cow king

    Nihlathak portal remains open indefinitely after completing the quest

    Several cube recipes have been modified to provide an easier gameplay

    Gem bags that allow you to store multiple gems are being sold by Akara

    Fully detailed list of all our custom features can be found here.



Reasons to choose us

    We have over 1000 players online at peak times
    We have the biggest active players database year around
    We are online for over seventeen years and our ladders last for years
    We have an active and friendly community and the best gameplay experience
    We are using a custom integrated gameguard to prevent cheating and botting
    We have professional staff members that are always watching for abusers
    We run the software platform on multiple dedicated servers around the world

  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2023 !


Greetings adventurers,

Warmest greetings of the season and best wishes for an enchanted holiday season from the Legacy Staff. May you be blessed with the joy of family, the gift of friends and the very best of everything in 2023! We hope that you will, alongside us, celebrate the spirit of the season and enjoy playing on this realm as much as we've enjoyed maintaining it through the years.

 [25.11.2022] BLACK FRIDAY DEALS


For a limited amount of time everything is up to 70% cheaper in our Diablo II Items Shop ! Thank you for your support !

 [10.12.2021] LADDER has been RESET


We are pleased to announce that the Diablo II ladder has been successfully reset today 10th of December, 2021 and a new season has started.

To participate, you will need to create a new character and select the "Ladder Character" checkbox. The new season awaits you!

Step 1: Create a new ladder character
Step 2: Confirm your character is a ladder character

All old characters have been converted to non-ladder.
More information about the differences between ladder and the non-ladder characters can be read here. Keep in mind that vast majority plays ladder!

Ladder Reset on 10 December 2021


Sharpen your axes and restring your bows, Season 9 begins on December 10th.

On the day of Friday, December 10th, we’ll be conducting a maintenance in order to reset the Diablo II ladder. The realm will be unavailable for a few minutes and during this time all existing ladder characters will be converted to non-ladder. All characters and items being converted to non-ladder will remain intact so they will not be lost, but once converted these characters will no longer have access to ladder content such as ladder-only rune words.

To play in the new season simply wait until the Diablo II realms return to service on December 10th, log in to the server, and select the “Ladder Character” checkbox when creating a new character.

More information available here.

Let all your friends know about the ladder reset, share it on facebook, vk, reddit, gaming forums, etc and let's establish a new record of online players.

 [08.12.2021] Patch #13 has been Released


We are pleased to announce that our Diablo II realm patch has been updated! Most notable changes include:

- New launcher reveal, download it from the website.
- Charm inventory has been added.
- Manual server selection feature has been added.
- Regional servers expansion.
- Possibility to stack and unstack uber keys.
- Nihlathak's Temple portal now remains open indefinitely.
- DDRAW video mode has been added.
- Ladder only runewords have been enabled on non-ladder.
- All tools have been updated to their latest versions.

More information available here.

Important: You must be up to date with the latest patch version in order to create and join games and there are two ways of doing that, pick one:
1. Restart your game client and let it auto-update to the latest patch version.
2. Download our latest realm patch from here and select your game folder.

 [03.10.2021] Planned Maintenance


Please note that our hosting company will be conducting a planned maintenance on Monday, October 4th starting somewhere around midnight. During this period the realm will be unavailable. We anticipate the maintenance to last approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

Visit our forums for more information.

 [18.07.2020] Become our patron!


Patreon is a membership platform and a popular request suggested by our members who wish to provide their support consistently throughout the year without having to go through the process of making a purchase from the store.

Become our patron

  Share your best find of the day!


Any kind of valuable or interesting items and hrs are acceptable content to post.

Feel free to share your pictures and to give info where or how it happened.

The screenshots must contain your personal drops from this realm.


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