D2 CPU Bug Fix

The infinite loop cpu bug has been present for years but even at this point it hasn't been fixed by the game developers. The bug causes Diablo II to always use 100% of a single core on any computer, 50% for dual cores and about 25% for quad cores computer. Most players probably never noticed the glitch but our custom patch has been optimized a long time ago to reduce the effect of this bug and now we are able to offer you a permanent fix that shouldn't produce any drop in game performance. Shoutout to those who shared their knowledge.


Only supports Diablo II version 1.13c!
Revert to the original library if you experience any issues.

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Sting Maphack

Version 2.24
Maphack allows players to see the entire map as soon as they enter an area, rather than having to explore the area first to discover the layout of the level. It allows you to see the location and full equipment of other players, as well as showing all of the monsters, shrines, chests, and more on the level.

This mapack is well known and considered to be one of the most popular tool.

Run as administrator!
Use the integrated sting maphack version if you experience constant crashes.

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BH Maphack

Version 1.5.2s
This maphack is based on bh maphack, originally written by McGod and has been extensively customized by Deadlock and Loli to include several new features.

Run as administrator!
If you are missing mscvp110.dll click here and download the x86 version.

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Auto Teleport

Version 1.4.1
Teleports you to various quest destinations and waypoints on the map.

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Glide Wrapper

Version 1.4e
Glide is a graphiccard-interface that has been evolved by the company 3DFX to give application-programmers the chance to access their graphiccard-chipsets (socalled voodoo-chipsets) with high efficiency.

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Topaz Chat

Version 8.20
Topazchat is a software that allows you to connect to our servers and talk with other players, post trades messages or keep channel logs without a game client.

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Gateway Editor

Allows you to manually add servers, change or uninstall and go back to BattleNet.
To completely remove our realm server simply run Uninstall UsaBattle.reg

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